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When injury or pain occur I'm here to help.


In my 9 years as a physio I have learned that communication is key when it come to getting the best outcomes for my clients.

Because communication is so essential, your physiotherapy will always begin with a thorough conversation so that I can get to know you and all about your injury so that the best possible plan can be put in place for you to get back the important parts of life whether that be sport, work or playing with your kids.


Following this conversation and a thorough physical assessment, your rehab will involve learning about your injury, targeted and specific exercise (either under supervision or at home) to get your body moving with confidence & strength along with manual therapy if required.

I can also liaise with other health care professionals such as your GP, Surgeon or other health professionals (e.g. podiatrist, strength coach or personal trainer) to ensure a strong therapeutic team is working together with you to achieve your goals. 

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I love to use exercise not just for rehabilitation but also for performance enhancement and over all health.

In 2017 I completed a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning heavily based in athletic performance.

I can write tailored training plans based on your current strength levels, sport you play, injury history and goals you wish to achieve.

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I use video recording technology to assess your running gait and used evidence based interventions to make improvements to your running gait.

To help you reduce the risk of becoming injured whilst running and also to improve your running performance I can provide individualised strengthening programs to supplement your running training.

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Do you need a physiotherapist to deliver an education session to your club, school or sports team? I can help.

I really enjoy presenting to different community groups and educating them about ways to reduce their risk of injury, manage injuries when they do occur and ways of implementing exercise to benefit general health and well being.

I can also run courses on taping techniques for sporting clubs to reduce and manage injuries on match days and at training.